The 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Hangzhou 2018

Swimming Coach Gold Medal Workshop | Frédéric Vergnoux: Without Sacrificing, It Will Not Succeed

The 2016 FINA World Aquatic Sports Congress - FINA Swimming Coach Gold Medal Workshop will be held in Windsor, Canada from December 4-5. As an excellent coach, Frédéric Vergnoux (France) will also attend the speech "How to reach a dream" and other topics. Under his guidance, the athletes broke a total of 244 individual records and produced a number of Olympic champions - the most famous of which is Mireia Belmonte, Spain's first female swimming Olympic champion.


Different experiences


After the 2004 Athens Olympics ended, Fred, who was still working at the local club, was selected by the British Swimming Association and began a four-year coaching career. “That was a great experience. The support and resources I received in the UK made me become a coach. I have an assistant coach and stay in the swimming pool every day.”


After the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Fred taught briefly in France for a while. In 2010, he chose to travel to Spain and worked for 13 years at Club Natació Sabadell, Spain’s largest club. In 2013, he started a successful tour of the Spanish Swimming Association in Barcelona.


The right team


For Fred, the distinction between the British Swimming Association and the Spanish Swimming Association is very clear. “There are not many competitive swimming groups in Spain. Some of the great stadium tickets are very cheap, but the investment in the national projects is not enough. We have three national training centers and many coaches, medical staff and psychologists. So although not very With great investment, there is still a suitable team behind you.”


Winning heart


Fred still remembers the scene when he first came to the Spanish Swimming Association, and the biggest change from now is the mentality. “At the time they looked unconvinced and didn't realize that they could be top players in the world. I hope to change this situation and hope that they will reflect on: 'What do you need to be successful'?”


Thought preparation


Fred has worked hard on training methods. “I have to cover everything: technology, fitness, strength, nutrition, and rehabilitation are all very important. But overall, the person who is most likely to succeed must be the one who is prepared to be mentally prepared.”


The Mirida Belmonte, Olympic champion of the women's 200m butterfly that Fred taught, is a good example of this. "I taught Mireia for six years and I know how much she's paid. I'm glad she can make a golden dream in Rio."


In 2012 Mireia harvested two silver medals at the London Olympics. Fred said: "She was in the Olympic Village in London and told me that I hope to win the championship in four years. She made a statement. Once your students made this statement, you can start planning."


Fred did a four-year plan for Mireia. Sometimes he pays more attention to competition, sometimes pays more attention to training, and never relaxes his mental training. “Thought preparation is the key. It is very difficult to be afraid and not hesitate in the finals of the Olympic Games. This is a long process and requires a lot of investment and sacrifices. But in the end, paying will reward you.”




"Without sacrifice, you won't succeed." Fred believes that after years of dedicated effort he will succeed, but for young swimmers it's hard to understand. "Now it's hard to get athletes to invest in. Training and the accumulation of a few loads is a very The long process is difficult for the younger generation to understand, but it is necessary and worthwhile."

The 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Hangzhou 2018

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