The 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Hangzhou 2018

2018 China Swimming Fitness School Campus and Health Examination Wanli Line Public Welfare Activities Press Conference

Zhejiang Online, February 12th (Zhejiang Online Reporter Hu Wei)When the Spring Festival atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger, Zhejiang Sports ushered in the most important inventory time of the year. On the evening of February 11th, the “Rhein Sports & Swire Coca-Cola” Cup 2017 annual championship ceremony of Zhejiang sports championship and China (Zhejiang) national team swimming training base was held in the newly completed Zhejiang Huanglong Swimming and Diving Hall.

The annual "Top Ten" is always full of "stars." In addition to the Zhejiang athletes who have achieved good results in the international and domestic competitions in 2017, the Olympic champions accounted for Xu Gang, Meng Guanliang, Zhu Qinan, Jiang Yuyuan, world champions Wu Peng, Xu Dongxiang, and Pan. Phenom, Wang Lin, and Mao Yasheng also made appearances.

In just 20 days, the “Top Ten” in Zhejiang province attracted 1.45 million people to participate in the voting, which is inseparable from the high performance of Zhejiang athletes in the international and domestic competitions in the past year. According to the results of the polls, swimmers Sun Yang and Fu Yuanhui won the Best Male Athlete and Best Female Sports Award respectively, but Xu Guoyi, the swimming coach who won the Best Coach Award at the scene, received the most applause and cheers.


Why does a coach get the most applause?

He is the "daddy" of more than twenty children

In the course of the 2017 National Games in Tianjin, Zhejiang Yongjun took 19 gold medals. In addition to the outstanding performance of the athletes, the coaches of the Zhejiang Swimming Team contributed. Xu Guoyi was one of the most typical representatives. Under the strict guidance of Xu Guoyi, butterfly swimmer Wu Peng, "Golden Slam" winner Ye Shiwen, World Championships back champion Xu Jiayu, and "Star of Hope" Li Zhuxi, all stood on the highest podium for various types of swimming competitions. In Xu Guoyi’s mobile phone, these people all call themselves “dad”.

After the 2017 FINA World Championships in Budapest, Xu Jiayu created the championship for the Chinese men's swimming and won the 100m backstroke for the men's swimming world championship. Can not wait to hang the gold medal on the neck of Xu Guoyi, it also shows Xu Guoyi’s father among the players. The same status.

Swimming and students constitute almost all of Xu Guoyi's life. Through his up-and-coming young people, he has cultivated a constant stream of vitality for the Chinese swimming. Technology is king and winning details, which runs through Xu Guoyi's entire coaching career. "Dry and love one line, the coach can not just go with others, have their own ability." Xu Guoyi loves to brain, study, dare to innovate, never tired of business. The team members all said that Coach Xu seems to have a "radar" on his head, a new idea for foreign swimming, and he can always accept it.

Xu Guoyi took off his signature hat at the time of the award. On his head, Xu Guoyi had a long surgical scar. At the end of 2015, Xu Guoyi was diagnosed with a brain tumor. In order not to influence the preparation for the Rio Olympic Games, he once concealed his illness from his disciples. However, only five months after the operation, he dragged on his frail body, which he had already recovered from serious illnesses, and went to the Olympics to integrate into the “big family”. Whether it was Xu Jiayu or Ye Shiwen, they said that there was Xu Dad’s father, and there was a bottom in his heart.

It is with the innumerable coaches Xu Guoyi's efforts that Zhejiang Sports will be the highest glory today. Zhejiang athletes scored 53 gold, 34 silver and 38 bronze medals at the 13th Tianjin National Games in 2017, setting a record.


Swimming team Xu Jiayu led the award

The phrase “呃呵呵” triggered a burst of laughter

Xie Zhenye and Fu Yuanhui missed the “Top Ten” awards because of the competition and training. Sun Yang did not arrive at the scene for some reason. Xu Jiayu, the “second brother” of the Zhejiang Swimming Team, became the star athlete. However, Mr. Xu Jiayu, who was a little stunned, expressed his gratitude to everyone in addition to his routine, saying that he would work harder and step further and further away on the road to breakthrough. After the next host's visit, Xu Jiayu gave everyone a glimpse of the “swimming team style. ".

When the host asked Xu Jiayu how to train regularly, whether or not he had a hard time, Xu Jiayu silently said, “This one? This thing can only be realized by oneself, oh oh oh oh...” A little strange laughter caused a laugh at the next stage, the host Then "come again and again" and "host each year's top ten sports clubs", the hardest part is to interview the Zhejiang swimming team and not to follow the routine."

In fact, when the reporter and Xu Jiayu chatted, Xu Jiayu complained that he really did not know what to say when he came to power. I was a professional swimmer, so I thought I was normal in the pool, but it was on the stage...”

After the award, Xu Jiayu can also start the New Year mode immediately. However, he will return to the training on the third day of the first month. “The arrangements in 2018 are tense, so everything must be held tight.” After the Spring Festival, Xu Jiayu will go to the United States for training and participate in some training. The series will then return to Beijing for training and prepare for the Asian Games in Jakarta, which opened on August 18. There is no time to relax after the Asian Games, because in December there are short-championship World Championships in Hangzhou.

As an athlete, Xu Jiayu from Wenzhou is not allowed to eat anything. Therefore, Xu Jiayu can't touch the most important "eat, drink and drink" during the Spring Festival.


This year's selection uses the "10+1" award set. The selection results are as follows:

Sun Yang, a swimmer, won the "Best Male Athlete" award;

Swimming athlete Fu Yuanhui won the "Best Female Athlete" award;

Xu Jiayu, a swimmer, won the "Best Breakthrough" award.

Athlete Xie Zhenye won the "Best Performance" award;

Swimming coach Xu Guoyi won the "Best Coach" award;

Zhejiang Provincial Track Team won the "Best Team" award;

Yak Daren Han Haihua won the "Best Sports Talent" award;

2017 National New Year Ascension Fitness Conference Jiangshan main venue won the “Best Individual Sports Event of the Year” award;

Chess player Ding Liren won the "Best Non-Olympic Athlete" award;

Weightlifter Tan Yujiao won the "Best Disabled Athlete" award;

Chen Xiangyang, chairman of Zhejiang Feishen Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd., won the “Special Contribution to the Sports Industry in Zhejiang Province” award.

The 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Hangzhou 2018

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