The 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Hangzhou 2018

The spirit of swimming | Béla Bánki Horváth: FINA Adult Championship at the age of 96

After today,Béla Bánki HorváthFormally entered96It is old. He won18World Champions and29Sub-Europe Champion, he plans to attend next yearFINABudapest Adult World Championships.

“I9years old when I started swimming15years old Participated in the first game。”18years old,He became the youth champion of Hungary.“To be honest, I didn't perform well in the competition and there were many athletes who were better than me. At the time, I was ranked 16th in the world. in case1944If the Olympic Games are not cancelled, I may have the opportunity to participate。”

1992年,Béla Bánki HorváthParticipated in his first matchFINAAdult World Championships,To72old age had a gold medal.“It is very interesting that many athletes of my age have performed very well over the past few decades. But some of them either passed away or became fat or lazy. So at the time, I was the only one who competed with the world record holders for the gold medals. I had a better day and won the game.”

After that,Béla Bánki HorváthStarted the championship tour and won18PieceFINAWorld Championship Gold Medals and29Piece European adult championship gold medal. Even broke2Second world record and34Second European record!

“People always ask me what the secret is and how well they perform at this age. I can only say that I am very lucky. My father is60He passed away when he was old. IWhen I 15, the doctor told me to give up swimming because it could threaten my heart. But on the contrary, my heart became healthier because of swimming.54Another doctor said my heart is strong like a horse......

2015FINAKazan Adult Championships,Bánki Horváthwin5Gold medal,And break1World Record。For next year's game, he said: “My goal Of course, it is getting more gold medals. I haven’t decided which projects to join. Now that I am too old, I can no longer travel alone to participate in the competition. So last year was my grandson to accompany me to Kazan. Next year needs my elder daughter and grandson to accompany me to Budapest.”

Bánki HorváthEvery day800Meter,Before the World Championships, he also plans to participate in other domestic events. E.g In January,He wants to beSzázhalombattaRefresh50breaststroke and200Backstroke European Record.

“I have two mottos: First Is ‘I will always swim until death, because only swim, I was alive & rsquo; second is ‘I swim because I'm healthy and I'm healthy because I swim & rsquo;。”

The 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Hangzhou 2018

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