The 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Hangzhou 2018

Paint a Stroke of “WSC Blue” to Greet Guests from Worldwide

World’s Highest Level Individual Sports Events to Be Held in Home City, Preparation Work is in Full Swing

Only About 7 Months from the Opening of FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)

Time: Dec. 11th to 16th, 2018

Venue: Tennis Center of Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo. Center (“Mini Lotus”)

The featured color of Hangzhou this year may be “WSC blue”, as 2018 FINA World Swimming Championships (25 meters) (hereinafter referred to as the WSC) will be held in Hangzhou from December 11th to December 16th, 2018.

This will be the highest world level individual sports event ever held in Hangzhou and will be another opportunity for Hangzhou to display its unique charm and splendor to the world on behalf of China after it successful hosted G20 Summit.

Now, it’s only about 7 months away from the event and preparation works are carried out in full swing. FINA executive director Cornel Marculescu and the party have visited Hangzhou twice this year to provide guidance in the preparation works. They appreciated Hangzhou for its outstanding work in the organization and the full supports from the various parties.

How can “Mini-Lotus” -shaped Table Tennis Stadium hold the swimming competition? That is because the stadium is reserved with swimming lanes and it’s convenient and economic for the transformation and dismantle.

The WSC will be held at the Tennis Center of Olympic Sports and International Expo. Center. From the aerial photography, it is next to the “Lotus Bowl” and is the miniature version of the “Lotus Bowl”, and is therefore known as “Mini Lotus”.

At present, “Mini Lotus” is under intense construction. The construction of main structure is expected to be completed in Sept. this year. Now, “Mini Lotus” has put on “overcoat” and taken initial shape. The debugging for the rotary retractable roof has been successfully completed. In the future, the 8 “petals” on the top can open or close based on the weather, which is unprecedented in the world.

Some may ask, how can a tennis stadium be used to hold swimming championships? Don’t worry, according to the relevant person in charge, “Mini Lotus”has set aside the size and space of swimming pools and swimming lanes in the construction process. After the completion of the main body, the venue will be renovated in accordance with the standards of FINA.

How to renovate is a meticulous and professional job. After many rounds of revision and improvement, the project construction drawing was officially submitted in January this year. At present, substantial construction of the project is progressing smoothly. The detailed design of the top steel structure and frame membrane has been basically completed. In addition, regarding to the competition and the warm-up swimming pool, the organizing committee will also follow the relevant requirements of the FINA.

Of course, these temporary lane facilities will be evacuated after WSC. Such changeable and removable design can not only meet the requirements for swimming competition,but can also effectively save project funds, reflecting Hangzhou’s concept of hosting sports event in an economic way.


Hangzhou WSC is an especially appealing and popular host city. The number of participants is expected to be more than expected.

With three Olympic champions, 10 WSC champions and 14 Asian Games champions, Hangzhou is second to none in the world. Hangzhou has earned great reputation at both home and abroad for its achievement in swimming.

An interesting phenomenon is that the number of participants of the current WSC is likely to be more than expected. When visiting Hangzhou last time, FINA Executive Director Marko Cornel Marculescu ever revealed that the initial number of 800 athletes might be increased to more than 1,000. The world's top swimmers will gather at Hangzhou during the championships.

At the same time, there will be more than 1,000 FINA officials, national and regional association leaders, technical officials, coaches, and FINA business partners. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand Hangzhou WSC is of extraordinary significance, and is particular appealing within the circle.

For Hangzhouese, the most exciting is to be able to watch Sun Yang, Fu Yuanhui and other local swimmers in such international events at home. It is worth mentioning that Cornel Marculescu and Sun Yang are good friends despite of great different in ages and they chat very happily each time they meet. It so happened that Sun Yang has already won all the gold medals for swimming except for that of the World Swimming Championships (25m). So it’s a great opportunity for him to realize “grand slam” in gold medal this time at his hometown.


Staffs of Organization Committee Worked Around the Clock and Received Thumb-ups from FINA for Professional and Meticulous Work

In order to interview the latest progress in preparations for WSC, our reporters went to the office of the organization committee several days ago and was shocked at what they saw there. In the afternoon, the staffs of the organization committee held one meeting after another without interruption. The themes of the meetings involved advertising investment promotion, countdown key timeline propaganda scheme and summary and solution to recent key issues.

The conference room located at the far end of building was not so big and was always thronged groups of participants one after another. The countdown screen shows that it’s only more than 200 days from the opening of the championships. All the staffs are busy and excited.

All the preparatory work needed to be done by man. The WSC Organizing Committee has continuously infused fresh blood and has set up a special working group. Nine departments of the OC Office and related member units of the special working group have also assigned personnel to the Organizing Committee Office for centralized work.

Each of them has an eight-page "Event Calendar" in their hands. Up to 74 major jobs throughout the year are visible at a glance. Each job is marked with the responsible unit and completion time next to the job description.

The meticulous and professional preparatory work of the Organizing Committee has been well recognized by FINA. In February and March of this year, FINA Executive Director Cornel Marculescu and the accompanying officers came to Hangzhou twice to provide guidance for the preparation work. The preparations for the relevant events have been deepened continuously and  many works have achieved substantial progress. Marculescu complimented “Now, it seems that 90% of the site construction and preparatory work are progressing smoothly. The organization work on the Hangzhou side is excellent. All parties have given full support. Thank you all."

In order to promote the preparations for the event in an all-around way, Hangzhou Sports Bureau put forward the slogan "be fully mobilized, go all out, win provincial sports games, fight for WSC, build a new iron army”. As WSC is drawing nearer, the relevant member units of the Organizing Committee have also entered the stage of full-scale preparation. Next, more competent staffs and work forces will join the preparation work based on the actual status


Rough Draft for Choreographing Scheme of Opening Ceremony Completed, Operations of the Event Are in Full Swing

The organization of the WSC is an enormous and complex work that requires coordination and cooperation of various departments. For example, the opening and closing ceremonies will draw particular attentions. For this reason, Hangzhou Bureau of Culture, Radio and News and Publications specially set up a working team and conducted a series of communication with FINA. Senior planner Zhu Hai is the chief planner. The opening and closing ceremonies will focus on the theme of water, Qiantang River, swimming and life to mainly display Chinese characteristics, charm of Hangzhou and sportsmanship in multiple levels and multiple dimensions by using high technologies. Recently, the special working groups have exchanged and discussed on lighting and stage design, and has completed the first draft of the choreographing scheme at the end of April.

In term of event publicity, the News and Propaganda Department of the Organizing Committee, led by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, has formulated the overall plan for the event propaganda and set up a special working group (news propaganda group, news central group, social press group, media reception group). Also, the proposal scheme for feature setting of the news center of the events , suggestions for the setting of the functional areas, and a specific work list have been developed.

During the competition, journalists from around the world will also come to Hangzhou to cover this top event. In order to meet specific needs for venues such as media studios and press conference hall, and carry out the specific work of the main broadcasters and producers, a number of job coordination meetings have been held.

The organization of the competition and the operation of the event are also in progress. Recently, the organizing committee office has actively coordinated and contacted with FINA to study and improve the organization chart of the events and the leader and head of each functional area, which will be submitted to FINA after the preliminary confirmation and the review by the leaders of the organizing committee. After FINA’s confirmation of the event schedule established in the early stage, sports presentation related work will be promoted by the swimming sports management center and other superior departments of National Sports General Administration. The Competition Department of the Organizing Committee has been engaged in the sports presentation related work.

Medical treatment and anti-doping can be the key tasks in the championships. So far, emergency medical protection plans for events have been established to define the emergency treatment and emergency medical arrangements. In conjunction with FINA’s requirements on anti-doping work, OC has coordinated with anti-doping center of the State Sports General Administration to prepare a sound scheme for guaranteeing anti-doping service. In addition, related works, such as security, transportation, accommodation, etc. is progressing in order, and special personnel have been arranged to be in charge.

More Wonderful Activities besides WSC to Come, Guests from Around the World Swarm into Hangzhou and Medias Focused on Hangzhou

Apart from the World Swimming Championships, Hangzhou will also host world swimming conference, various exhibitions and the grand award ceremony this year.

It can be imagined that guests from political circle, business circle, sports circle, and press circle of more than 200 countries and regions around the world (including 209 member countries and regions of FINA)will swarm into the city and a variety of TV broadcasting lens will also focus the lens on the West Lake and the Qiantang River.

World Swimming Conference, the world's highest level swimming conference, will be held on December 8-10, before the official start of the World Swimming Championships. In addition, FINA Executive Conference, FINA Executive Committee Meeting, FINA Special Meeting, FINA Member Country Representative Assembly, FINA Gold Medal Swimming Coach Workshop, World Swimming Conference Reception Dinner, the Press Conference and other meetings and activities as well as the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Swimming Conference and exhibitions of World Swimming will be held at the scheduled time.

2018 FINA Annual Awarding Ceremony will be held on the same day as the closing ceremony of the World Swimming Championships. In the meantime, a series of FINA meetings as well as the annual awarding dinner and awarding activities will be held. FINA Awards Ceremony will present a multiple awards. FINA officials, star athletes of water sports events, coaches with outstanding contributions and representatives from various countries will participate in the activities.


Every Citizen of Hangzhou is A Host, Can We be Involved in WSC Preparation?

In the official Weibo of the OC of World Swimming Championships, we received the question of “how can I sign up as the volunteer of WSC?” from time to time. This indicated citizens’ interest and enthusiasm for in-depth involvement in the preparation.

So here is the question: as an ordinary Hangzhou citizen, can we be more deeply involved in the preparation of the WSC?

The answer is yes and there are many ways of involvement.

With regard to the recruitment of volunteers, the office of the Organizing Committee has already coordinated with Hangzhou Commission of Communist Youth League. CYL has established Events GMS System Volunteer Service Work Scheme, Volunteers’ Costume Design and Production Scheme, General Policy Plan for Volunteer Protection and Incentive and has carried out volunteer service work personnel and job prediction. So far, the municipal CYL has visited 11 colleges and confirmed the number and range of the recruitment.

If you are capable and interested, you can also become a partner of the event. At present, the organizing committee's office is further improving and formulating relevant systems for market development, carrying out event promotion and events investment promotion to guarantees supply or materials and funds. After all, this is an international event held at home, it is very rare opportunity to display yourself and the rate of return is also tangible.

As the event involves various respects, including venues, medical treatment, transportation, accommodation, and security, every part of the city may have connection with WSC to some extent and it’s quite likely that your job will also be involved. .

Even if it is not, you may also have a close contact with guests from around the world at every possible places, West Lake, restaurant other than the sports venue as they will appear in Hangzhou in an immersive way. Every Hangzhou citizen is a host of the game. So just show your warmth and hospitality when you meet them. 

The 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) Hangzhou 2018

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